WE ARE HERE: Mapping Project

COMING Fall 2016: Building off the WE ARE HERE Mural project, this collaboration with Xian Luo, Cheryl Lee, and Simeng Wang continues the mapping theme with two more mapping projects:

Stitched Map
Through partnerships with a variety of community partners at locations throughout Marpole, artists Ashley Guindon and Xian Luo will lead cross-stitch workshops where participants will create a stitched patch, marking a place in the community with historical, personal, cultural, or environmental significance. Cheryl Lee will compile these into a larger textile map, which will be displayed at community celebrations and centres.

Paper Map
As a means of making the stitched map more readily available to the community at large, creative map designer Simeng Wang will develop a paper version, with an image of the stitched map on one side and a more detailed map on the other. People using the map will be able to discover new areas of interest based on their neighbours’ recommendations, learn more about the community’s amenities, and share their own findings through digital way-finding and social media.