The We Sessions: Jenny Ashley Luke

The We Sessions are my first step in the direction of opening up my practice to others. Jenny, Ashley, Luke is the first of these projects. The sessions begin with a question: what are the social rituals that have had an impact on you? I start by asking a small group of people to participate with me, usually two or three people. First, I discuss ritual with each individual participant, either through phone, email, or in person, and we talk about the rituals that have shaped our lives. Then we go online to find a video that resembles or can stand in for each individual’s ritual. Next, the two or three participants meet as a group to look at the collection of found videos and share our stories. I take notes from these sessions and use them as inspiration to create a final video piece, using the found videos as raw material.

The projected video fills a wall in the dark space. The viewer is dwarfed by the size of the projection and the cacophony of sound that fills the room. It is a rhythmic, ethereal, celestial thrumming punctuated by shouts and laughter and interrupted by the crackling and whirring of old technology. At times, there is a whistle, and a rhythmic applause. The sound echos the movements in the video.

The video image is blurry and pixelated, lines run through it: the brights are too bright, the darks too dark. All of this suggests low-fidelity, old footage as its source. The colours are saturated and rich. It is the colours that start to hint to the fact that there is more than one source for the footage The clips that appear and disappear in snippets are more crisp with reds and blacks. The group of adults with their arms in the air are almost pastel blues, purples, and pinks. The singing girls in matching dresses are yellow, orange. and brown in tone.

Please click on the link below to see this video.