Benny (the video)

The room is dark and silent. A projected image covers one wall. The viewer sees a huge crowd of people, facing away from the viewer and towards a group of suited men on a raised platform. The focal point of the video is a figure dressed in a white shirt. 

The colours are rich and saturated, purples, blues, and fleshy reds. The darkest parts of the image are grainy and show the age of the source footage; the brightest parts are stark against the background. The image is highly pixellated and blurred – we get the impressions of heads, shoulders, and arms as opposed to fully rendered forms. Up close, the image almost disappears into light and colour. Only from a distance do the figures emerge.

The work appears to be a still at first, until the viewer notices the pixels pulsing and vibrating and – yes – moving slightly – the crowd is swaying and morphing. For over a minute the video pulses; movements thrum in rhythmic, four-count motions. Then the man on the stage swings his arm out and down in a gesture that is violent even in slow-motion. As if on command, the group on the stage falls backwards. The pulsing of the video signal slow their descent, turning the movement from a stumbling into an almost graceful, choreographed move. The crowd surges towards them, hands outstretched. All of this has taken two-and-a-half minutes to happen – a moment spread thin. 

Please click on the link below to see this video.